Simple beautiful things, sunrise and dogs at Cancun public beach.

I wrote this post just as an exercise to bring more personal content and experiences to this site. Sometimes we can create different judgements from what we see or read.

Saturday morning taking our three dogs to the only public beach where pets are Officially Allowed in Riviera Maya. This is a calm area in Cancun zona Hotelera where I really recommend to bring your beloved pets for a beach experience.

We like to be there really early, it is still dark and we are seeing the horizon opening itself to receive the firsts ray of light, sun takes control from that moment, it is all about spectacular light for a regular sunrise in Cancun. Sometimes we just miss this magic moments for being so distracted, lets work for more amazing moments.

Wera is the oldest one and the boss, she has been with us since 2010. on 2014 Kita and Beto came to transform this family. This 3 dogs came and changed our lifes, they brought joy and warmness. All of them where street dogs, Wera was helped by a girl that ended working on animal welfare association. Kita was on animal abuse on a house near to the one we used to live. Beto was just in really bad shape walking a hot noon right out of our home.

If you would like a photoshooting with beautiful things, sunrise and dogs in Cancun, or any of your lovely pets we can do it. I know different places where they are allowed and we can create amazing memories.

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This is a link to Google Maps view for this pet beach: 

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